Leader In Me

Leader in Me


The Leader in Me is based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey and is a process that is empowering students to develop the essential life skills, self-confidence, and characteristics they need in order to thrive in school, in their future careers, and in life. The Leader in Me is integrated into the school’s core curriculum and everyday language which creates a culture of leaders that can communicate effectively to resolve conflicts and share ideas, work together to create new possibilities, set and achieve short and long term goals, and celebrate successes along the way!

Eastside hosted a Leader in Me Family Night on March 19th, 2015  where our students presented original skits demonstrating how they use the 7 Habits at school and at home. Parents were provided with the following information and resources to equip them to help reinforce these 7 Habits in their family life as well: 

7 Habits Tree English.jpg
7 Habits Tree Spanish.jpg

7 Habits at Home English.jpg
7 Habits at Home Spanish.jpg

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Please visit our Eastside Eagles Facebook page for specific examples of how the Eastside Elementary School Community is learning and leading together through the Leader in Me!